The Long Island Invasive Species Management Area

Species Lists

Invasive Species Prevention and Management Lists September 2016

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Prevention Plant Lists

These are lists of invasive species that are not yet in LIISMA (Approaching Region List) or are planted here but not yet escaped and invasive (Horticulture Watch List). We will monitor likely areas that they would grow to prevent their establishment in LIISMA.

Approaching Region List

Horticulture Watch List

Early Detection Plant Lists

These lists include plant species that have 1-5 infestations in LIISMA and will be managed for eradication (eliminate all individuals and the seed bank with a low likelihood of needing to address the species in the next 10 years). Some species may have more than five infestations but they do not have long-distance dispersal so they may have a longer time frame for management. To download the excel spreadsheets, click on the titles below.

Early Detection List of species ranked very high to moderate

Early Detection List of species that are new to LIISMA and have not been ranked yet

Established Plant Species List

This list includes species that have more than 5 infestations or fewer than 5 infestations but very large numbers of plants. They are ranked Low to Very High and managed within LIISMA on a site-by-site basis for Containment (prevent a contained infestation that cannot be eradicated from spreading into large un-invaded areas), Exclusion (prevent a widespread infestation from spreading into smaller un-invaded areas), or Suppression (reduce invasive species density and/or cover below a threshold to maintain a species or ecological process), if feasible.

Established Species List

Animal, Insect Pest, and Pathogen List

This list includes all animals and pathogens that affect natural areas. They are approaching or in low-abundance in LIISMA and should be monitored or they are established and can be controlled on a case-by-case basis if feasible.

Animal, Insect Pest, and Pathogen List