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New York is celebrating its third annual Invasive Species Awareness Week July 10-16, 2016!

Invasive species affect all New Yorkers – including hikers, highway personnel, birders, boaters, farmers and foresters.  The mission of the New York Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW) is to promote knowledge and understanding of invasive species and the harm they can cause by engaging citizens in a wide range of activities across the state, and empowering them to take action to stop the invasion!

Learn of some simple behaviors that you can adopt to prevent the spread of invasive species as a

Find an Event: Your local Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management is teaming up with partner organizations to host a variety of educational outings and volunteer activities focused on invasive species. Click here to find an event to suit your interests in your area. Event calendars are also broken down by PRISM region in the drop down menu under Events.

An invasive plant paddle was held on Lake George during ISAW, 2012. Photo by Emily DeBolt.                    Above: Volunteers use the rake toss technique to survey for aquatic invasive plants during a lake monitoring training held during ISAW, 2015. Photo by Jane Raffaldi.

Host an Event: Please click here to find event submission information. Direct inquiries to Megan Phillips or your local PRISM leader.

Report an Infestation: Use the NY invasive species online database, iMap Invasives, to report your findings.

John Wernet, DEC Forester, shows the damage caused by Southern Pine Beetle on Long Island. Photo by Steve Young.                                  Above: John Wernet, DEC Forester, shows the damage caused by                                 Southern Pine Beetle on Long Island. Photo by Steve Young.

Manage Invasive Species: Learn how to control invasive species on your property and in your community.

Check out the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program’s (APIPP) Landowner Guide to Managing Invasive Plants.

Media Kit: Click here to get contact information for the ISAW media contacts, PRISM coordinators, and ISAW planning committee chair.